Technical Training
August 2018

Novus Sealing SA invests in state of the art Technical Training Systems - combining practical input with computer based output

Major hazard sites are industrial sites that manufacture, process or store dangerous chemicals and substances in quantities that could pose a risk to workers and the general public in the vicinity of the site and the environment in the event of a major accident. This includes fires, explosions or incidents in which dangerous substances are released.

With an industry-first Training Rig, Novus Sealing SA now offers:

  • Training available at Novus Sealing SA or Customer site
  • Increased Safety Performance
  • Plant Integrity and Asset Reliability


  • Staff employed by Novus Sealing are trained to international best practises
  • Assess performance and properties of various Fluid Sealing materials

Test data shows that the bolt stress developed by an average mechanic using the appropriate combination wrench is a function of bolt diameter.

Mechanics tend to over-stress smaller bolts and under-stress larger bolts.

Understanding Gasket Response to the Applied Loads:

  • Gasket responses to overloading
  • Inward Radial Buckling
  • Assembly Practices
  • Gasket Seating Stress
  • Relation to Bolt Load
  • Evaluating Different Gasket Types and Designs

Course Objectives:
The course delivers the theoretical and practical elements involved in the Hand Torque tightening of Bolted Connections and provides an assessment of the delegate’s competence in applying these procedures.

It covers the selection of components for the various types of flange connections found in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Processing Industries materials focusing on gaskets/sealing elements and bolting materials.

Technical Training

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