Corrugated Gaskets

NOVUS Corrugated Gaskets consist of a corrugated metal core, normally stainless steel, with a soft facing layer applied to each face.

The corrugations provide resilience and reduce the sealing contact surface area of the gasket while the soft layer ensures outstanding sealing, even at low loads. These gaskets are particularly suited to heat exchanger applications as a replacement for metal jacketed gaskets.

Heat Exchanger flanges heat and expand at different rates, owing to the difference in thickness of the mating flanges. This differential expansion can cause radial shearing of the gasket and therefore it is critical that a gasket is selected which resists radial shear and maintains a seal even under thermal cycling conditions.

Corrugated Metal Gaskets have a proven record in problematic exchanger applications,offering low relaxation, high resistance to radial shear and high levels of tightness. For this reason these gaskets are replacing many of the older technologies such as metal jacketed, particulaly on heat exchangers.

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