Expansion Joints

NOVUS SEALING offers a full range of Expansion Joints.


The range includes: 

  • Rubber Bellows 
  • Fabric Expansion joints 
  • Metal Bellows 
  • PTFE (Teflon) Bellows

Rubber Bellows

Novus flexible rubber bellows provide a cost effective solution for demanding industrial applications conveying water, air, mild corrosive fluids and odours, with the added advantage of reducing fluid-borne noises. They are flexible rubber elements (combined with metal and/or textile reinforcements) useful for conveying fluids and absorbing movements between sections or pipelines. With a correct design they are able to absorb axial, lateral and angular movements offering both safety and insulation against noise and vibration.


Novus rubber expansion joints are primarily used to : 

  • Absorb or isolate vibration 
  • Compensate for system misalignments 
  • Protect system against start-up and pressure surges 
  • Absorb water hammer and vibration noises 
  • Absorb pipework stresses 

They have a number of applications in the air conditioning, heating and ventilating, power generation, water treatment, pulp and paper, chemical, pollution control, marine, air conditioning, mining and industrial process piping industries.


Fabric Expansion joints

Novus offers a wide range of materials and constructions with high quality elastomers EPDM, SILICONE and FLUORO ELASTOMER and FLUORO PLASTICS (PTFE) – used independently or combined with woven glass or ceramic fabrics and insulating materials. Each unit is designed and manufactured to ensure complete compliance with customers specifications and requirements. 

Typical applications are in: 

  • Power Station flue ducts 
  • Gas turbine exhausts 
  • Boiler penetrations 
  • Industrial furnace off gas ducts 
  • Ventilation ducts 
  • Sugar mill boiler ducts 
  • Smelter off gas ducts 
  • Turbine Exhausts 
  • Cement works 
  • Drying plants 
  • Where vibration needs to be absorbed 

When selecting a fabric expansion joint it is most important to select a fabric suitable for the application. Movements can be caused by thermal expansion of ducting system, wind conditions or vibrations from other system components or machines. In addition, fabric expansion joints can also serve as seals and compensate for installation misalignments.


Metal Bellows

A metal bellows expansion joint is a fabricated item to be fitted into a pipeline to absorb movements in and forces exerted on the pipeline. The corrugation of the expansion joint is designed to be flexible in order to absorb pipe expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature. 

The number of corrugation of bellows is decided according to the displacement amount and the expansionary and contracting force that the bellows have to absorb. Bellows have to be strong to the design pressure and operating pressure of piping and installation and they also have to be flexible to absorb thermal movement. The joint consists of a metal bellows element with flanges or pipe weld ends fitted to facilitate the bolting or welding of the joint into a pipeline. 

The thrust force of the flow in the piping has to be buttressed by things other than bellows. These are usually anchors, tie rods, hinges or gimballed structures and thrust restraints. A metal bellows expansion joint can be fabricated to accommodate axial, lateral or angular movements. Angular movement is the least severe on the bellows element of the three and lateral the most severe.


PTFE (Teflon) Bellows

Novus Sealing PTFE Expansion Joints are used for corrosive applications found in: 

  • Chemical-Petrochemical 
  • Industrial Process Piping Systems 
  • Power Generation Plants 
  • Pulp/Paper Plants 
  • Water-Wastewater Sewage
  • Pollution Control Systems

Novus PTFE Bellows have steel reinforced rings which are fitted into the valleys of the convolutions to enhance the pressure capability of the joint. The bellows are fitted with steel or stainless steel floating flanges, with equally spaced movement control tie rods and limit bolts attached.


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Expansion Joints

NOVUS offers a full range of Expansion Joints.