NOVUS SEALING offers a full range of High Quality Shims in Pre-cut stainless steel to make any alignment work fast, simple and precise.


Novus Sealing Pre-cut stainless steel shims is used to fill and even the gap between the machine foot and base of a mechanical assembly. The use of pre-cut shims ensures asset reliability thru accurate positioning and thereby reducing expensive downtime thru grinding, machining or replacing a worn or corroded component. Novus Pre-Cut shims ensure precision alignment for increased machine reliability of rotating equipment by eliminating vibration. Up to 50% of damage caused to rotating equipment is directly linked to misalignment. Our Pre-cut shims are available in a variety of sizes and thickness, they can be purchased in cases or in replacement packs.

Misalignment Leads to:

  • Excessive Bearing Loading which leads to Premature Bearing Failure in both the pump and motor
  • Coupling and Shaft Failures or Fatigue
  • Uneven Wear of the Mechanical Seal
  • Loosening of Foundation Bolts and Base Plates
  • High Vibration and Subsequent Noise
  • Excessive Power Consumption
  • Higher Maintenance Costs
  • Overheating
  • Change of clearance between the pump’s rotating and stationary internal components


Standard Pre Cut Shims are cost effective for the following reasons:

  • Available for immediate use – Reduces Assembly Time - Convenient
  • No hand cutting, No Marking, Re-trimming, No Material wastage
  • No need to Flatten hand cut shims or finding a supplier with the correct thickness and tolerances of materials
  • No Machining of components required, allows dimensional accuracy
  • Burr Free – Accurate Thickness and Flat Shims
  • No Hand Cutting
  • Permanently Marked for ease of identification
  • All thicknesses available in one carry case – No need for different rolls of thicknesses to carry to site
  • Stacking of shims are not required due to different sizes in one carry case
  • More Productive
  • Less Maintenance


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NOVUS offers a full range of High Quality Shims.

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